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WWM is an artist collective turned record label. Two things distinguish us right off: We develop and produce beautiful, honest & groovy music made by artists in all stages of development. Those with a lifetime of experience exploring new direction, as well as those who are just starting out. And secondly, the market for that music ranges from ages 8 to 80. This is different in a popular music world that is all-too-often ageist, sexist, and highly unimaginative. Though we specialize in alt-folk rock, there is a wide range of experience and sound represented here. Explore and connect with us…


Official Release of Goldi's debut single, Bad Times

Rocky Ludden

exclusive debut album release

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Miss Meryl

Exclusive New Release!

RED The new single from an electrifying new artist.

Soulful pop meets vibey goodness. 




Like the Goldilocks of fairy tale, Goldi seeks out different experiences to find what is just right. Her positive, life-affirming energy is addictive in the best ways, and her beautiful voice and high-caliber songwriting are going to blow you away. One moment introspective, the next moment playful, bold, and encouraging, Goldi represents the best of her young generation: positive, proactive, caring and inventive. Her life experiences and her passion for social justice inform her lyrics and her approach to music. “My music is about finding myself and love.”

      “Bad Times” is her first nationally-released single, and it is timely, to say the least. Goldi hails from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts and currently resides in Seattle. This bi-coastal singer-songwriter-performer is just getting started, so…

     Listen to and connect with Goldi right here at witchwoodmusic.com, and on Instagram: @goldi.locke


*Photo: Alexandra Marie Guidry 


Rocky Ludden is an old soul in a fresh face. He is wonderfully in time, in an out-of-time way. His songs have a soft interiority, an acute reflective quality blended masterfully with neo-alt-rock edge and catchiness. Rocky performs both solo and with a full band. His debut album was officially released October 1st, 2020. The title track, Below Boston, is his current single.


Watch on YouTube: "Below Boston" Official Music Video




Jeffrey Perrin is a psychologist and a songwriter. Useful combination. His songs are searching and searing, soulful and reflective. Neo Folk-Pop might be one way of describing him. There are others. Intimate, earthy, calming, groovy. He hails from Upstate New York and now lives and works in the Boston area with his wife Angela and young son Miles. Jeffrey is just getting out there, performing in local and regional venues. His new EP, It Must Be You, is out now. check Jeffrey out soon and often!


Meryl Pereji has a beautiful, lilting voice that slinks into sultry spunk and vamp. Her music is vibey and romantic. She was born in India but grew up in the United States, and straddles her traditional Indian heritage and American identity with grace and grit. Her first single, Trust Me, is out now. Meryl is hard at work on her first full-length effort.


Congrats to Jeffrey, wife Angela & brother miles on the birth of their new baby girl!



Hadar Lutman has a voice that is tender and wise. Her songs are reflective but also joyous and unforgettable. She has just released her first single, “I Want to Go.”


Larry Andersen lives on, is inspired by, and writes songs about the sea. Or sometimes he writes songs of love, loss, marina life or the ancient Greeks...that take place on or near the sea. His songs range from dramatic to humorous, from simple guitar pieces to full rock numbers, but always strive to be hummable. He does a pretty good Neil Young cover now and then too. 

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Since 2016, Adina Schecter (guitar & vocals), Leila Simon Hayes (drums & vocals), and Rebekah Pierson (bass & vocals) have been playing shows together around Boston as the blues-rock band Sensitive Subject. Sensitive Subject blends 90’s girl-band attitude with bittersweet soulful grooves, sharing women’s stories through candid and raw lyrics and melodies. Their new single "Come On Save Me" off their upcoming EP It Suits My Weather, is available below. When they’re not writing and playing music together every Wednesday night in Jamaica Plain, MA, Adina, Leila and Rebekah are parenting 6 children (in batches of 2) and hanging out with their three rockstar partners.


Mark Zelermyer has a knack for a good turn-of-phrase. His music sits comfortably in the traditional folk wheelhouse, but there are some notable surprises, hints of psychedelia, playfulness, rock influences. Life trauma, struggle, love, these are the tropes Mark explores in unique ways. His debut full-length album is due to be released in early 2019.


Jerry Mogul has spent a lifetime fighting for social justice. His music is a call to action—for the excluded, sidelined & wronged, for environmental justice, for identity equality—but it is also a joyful celebration of songwriting in the American folk tradition. Jerry is just starting to take his music onto the performing circuit. His new song "Truth" is an upbeat and infectious spiritual folk tune that speaks to the urgent issues of the day.



a psych-folk sole rock journey

To lope is to take long, easy strides. But being lopey can mean being in a time of spiritual crisis, a searching time. Much of Lopey Sole’s debut album, Dreams of Tomorrow’s Happiness in the Afterglow of Yesterday’s Beauty, was written under the influence of both heavy and light depression, and also enormous amounts of caffeine—"as well as the fear of Jesus and what He might decide,” adds Jefferson. “The fear of Jesus may seem a bit dramatic, but when you’re withdrawing from alcohol, dealing with alcoholism, and also facing the ugliest parts of yourself, and all the while begging God’s help in it all, you start to fear that you’ll be saved from drowning by being asked to grab hold of a very sharp sword.”

     Lopey Sole emerged from crisis. But it also emerged from LOVE LOVE, that critically acclaimed rock band that has been around in various forms since 2013...

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Here's the first single off the forthcoming release:



"I first approached Chris and Jefferson with nothing but a 15-year-old notebook full of unfinished songs, a paralyzing fear of singing in public, and zero knowledge about music production. Two years later, I’m wrapping up production of an EP and have performed live a handful of times in the Boston area. Simply put, Chris and Jefferson are a one-stop shop for songwriting, studio recording, music production, and live-performance coaching.  In addition to being amazing musicians with deep connections to the Boston-area music scene, Chris and Jefferson are committed to helping people realize their musical ambitions in a thoughtful, pragmatic, and deliberate manner.  Above all else, they are both encouraging, kind, and inspiring people to work with—I can’t recommend them enough!"

— Jeffrey Perrin, singer-songwriter/psychologist

“Music has always been part of my life. Singing is something I lost along the way. After 30 years I started a search for someone to help me find my voice. After making progress with two different coaches, I still didn't find the vocal/emotional connection I was looking for. My experience with Jefferson and Chris has been unique and refreshing. I met with them for close to an hour discussing my objectives and how they might be a good fit. Fast forward six months and I’m singing, writing and recording original material! I'm amazed how Jefferson and Chris have helped me discover and connect with music in a way I never expected. I enjoyed singing covers, but this is a whole new world. Working with Jefferson and Chris has been a life-changing experience. I would urge anyone interested in musical development (regardless of level) to meet with them."

— Tom MacDonald, singer-songwriter/car salesman

"WitchWood Music helps you to make great, professional recordings in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.  I had no recording experience prior to working with WitchWood Music and was admittedly nervous about what it would be like.  Jefferson’s and Chris's relaxed nature and casual yet sincere approach put me at ease.  Over the course of multiple recording sessions, I have really come to appreciate their dedication to the craft.  They have a unique ability to get the best out of you while working with you in a collaborative and team-oriented approach.  Also, they're a lot of fun!  I've had several recording sessions with WitchWood Music now and I really look forward to each one.  It’s been a great experience!"

— John Vandale, musician

"Jefferson and Chris are the real deal – accomplished musicians who know their way around a studio. From Day One, they dedicated their musicianship and production skills to making my Prior to Leaving collection the absolute best it could be. They were invested all the way, from scratch tracks to the final mixes, collaborating on arrangements and adding thoughtful support, solos and vocals to take the package to the next level. This was a labor of love by the LOVE LOVE folks!"

— Mark Zelermyer, singer-songwriter



What is WitcHwood


The idea for WitchWood Music fell into existence, literally from the trees. Chris Toppin and Jefferson Riordan, co-founders of the critically-acclaimed rock band LOVE LOVE, had been teaching and producing out of their home studio, when Jefferson started bringing in sticks and larger pieces of wood from his long walks in the woods of Salem, Massachusetts, insisting that the twisted and gnarled wood “spoke” to him. Soon enough, the studio was covered in this wood, so much so that it felt to both Chris and Jefferson like they were almost making music in the woods…


Gathering together some like-minded artists, the idea of a collective—NOT a label—was bandied about. It became so, in a loose way, with everyone offering their talents, pitching in where they could. Soon, “serious,” album-length projects were being produced from WitchWood, and it became apparent that this was becoming something larger than a loose collection of like-minded artists: This was a professional endeavor.


If you like what you hear and see on this site, please reach out to us. Buy something. Support an artist. Become part of our listening family. We are here to bring  joy to the world.