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Like the Goldilocks of fairy tale, Goldi seeks out different experiences to find what is just right. Her positive, life-affirming energy is addictive in the best ways, and her beautiful voice and high-caliber songwriting are going to blow you away. One moment introspective, the next moment playful, bold, and encouraging, Goldi represents the best of her young generation: positive, proactive, caring and inventive. Her mental health journey and life experiences inform her lyrics and her approach to music. “My music is about finding myself and love.”
     Goldi hails from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts and currently resides in Seattle. This bi-coastal singer-songwriter-performer is just getting started, so…


Connect with Goldi right here at, and on Instagram @goldi.locke!

Listen to Goldi's released singles here. Her EP drops June 1st!

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