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Davey Crotchett  

The Songs of Davey Crotchett

Performed by Davey Crotchett and The Ole Gator Gang, with Billy on bass!

Recorded & mixed 2022-2023 @ WitchWood by Jefferson. Mastered by Sean Carolan. Produced by WitchWood Music ℗©2023, JeffersonDavisMusic, ASCAP


**WARNING: Studies have shown that exposure to Davey Crotchett can lead to mental and/or emotional excitement. Approach with caution!


***The views expressed by Davey Crotchett in no way reflect the views of WitchWood Music and its other artists.

1.      Old Days

2.      Monuments

3.      Saint DeSantis

4.      God & Texas

5.      Winners Keepers Losers Weepers

6.      The Poor

7.      Borrow Money Build It Up Then You Go Bankrupt
         (The Donny Trump Method)

8.      Gender

9.      I Spit on Your Grave, John Brown!

10.   The Browning of ’Murica

11.   Johnny Alabama

Offensive right winger Davey Crotchett is a delusional man who fancies himself a singer/songwriter with the lyrical prowess to enlighten us all on the current bewildering state of  'Merica today. Picture Borat if he were born and raised in the deep south of the good ol' U.S.of A.

Brace yourselves as Davey and his band, The Ole Gator Gang, take you on a wild, satirical ride through the mind of a warped, agitated man who thinks he's the voice of reason, and believes he can change the world with his over-the-top antics and song arsenal of misdirection.


Go no further if you are easily offended. Otherwise, be ready to laugh, cringe, and question everything you thought you knew about anything!

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