Lopey Sole

a psych-folk sole rock journey

To lope is to take long, easy strides. But being lopey can mean being in a time of spiritual crisis, a searching time. Much of Lopey Sole’s debut album, Dreams of Tomorrow’s Happiness in the Afterglow of Yesterday’s Beauty, was written under the influence of both heavy and light depression, and also of Librium and Clonazepam and Citalopram and enormous amounts of caffeine—"as well as the fear of Jesus and what He might decide,” adds Jefferson. “The fear of Jesus may seem a bit dramatic, but when you’re withdrawing from alcohol, dealing with alcoholism, and also facing the ugliest parts of yourself, and all the while begging God’s help in it all, you start to fear that you’ll be saved from drowning by being asked to grab hold of a very sharp sword.”
     Lopey Sole emerged from crisis. But it also emerged from LOVE LOVE, that critically acclaimed rock band that has been around in various forms since 2013 and has produced two full-length albums, one EP, and finally, one mega-EP. It was during the making of that last effort, the 7-songer OK, that things went a bit haywire. According to Jefferson (LOVE LOVE’s co-founder and Lopey’s Sole’s leader), he was “rarely if ever sober; I think it [the EP “OK”] is the best thing that LOVE LOVE ever made, and I had a glorious time making it, but I nearly killed myself and everyone else around me.

Nearly destroyed everything.” Lopey Sole, he maintains, is the “long, torturous climb back to myself. Being faced with and living with the ugliest parts of what you’ve put on, of what’s been put on you, is never easy. Getting back to your true self is never easy.”

     Some of the members of LOVE LOVE joined him in that climb and are represented—either by name or anonymously—on this record. Jefferson’s son Hawk (aka “Helix”) also joined him, in writing and in production, and Jefferson’s daughter Nora, who starred in an early LOVE LOVE video, appears in the video for LS’s first single, “You.” Lopey Sole is like LOVE LOVE in that it borrows from folk and psychedelia and is lyric-driven; but it differs from LL in that it dances with elements of jazz, blues, prog, and electronica. It is simultaneously dead-serious and joyfully transcendent. Ease with tension. Groove with grit.

     Dreams of Tomorrow’s Happiness in the Afterglow of Yesterday’s Beauty was recorded at WitchWood studios between March & July of 2020. It was engineered by Chris Toppin, Helix, & Jefferson. It was mixed by Dave Locke & Pat DiCenso & mastered by Dave Locke. It is dedicated to self-incarcerated and socially incarcerated inmates everywhere, and it will be available everywhere presently.


— Someone close to the action.

Here's the first single off the forthcoming release: